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Moving to github pages

I’ve tried a few ‘blog’ approaches over the years and haven’t found what I was looking for, namely simple hosting with enough low-level editing capability to include code snippets and diagrams while having some kind of commenting system.

I first used Google’s blogger service but the editor and syntax were terrible and nothing ever looked right. I then unfortunately tried to use Google+ as a blog and that definitely doesn’t work – its editor is awful and it’s extremely feature-limited, all you can really do is bold things.

That brings me to this, github’s pages feature and Jekyll for static-content blogging. Now I can include code snippets, diagrams, links, and whatever, I can use disqus for comments, and I can control the look and feel while managing the whole thing in git and editing with vi or online via github’s built-in text editor. I used poole to set things up so I didn’t even have to deal with ruby stuff. Awesome!

GNU tools

I dug up a couple links to potentially useful posts on Google+, please check these out if you’re working on MCU firmware using GNU tools:

openocd improvements

I’ve been involved in a few openocd improvements over the past year or so,


I have a few things planned with regard to openocd. My TODO list includes:

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